Dibigode is an instrumental band from Belo Horizonte/Brazil. Formed by Gabriel Perpétuo (guitar), Vicente França (guitar), Guilherme Peluci (sax), Antônio Vinícius (bass) e Tiago Eiras (drums). Their first album “Naturais e idênticos ao natural de pimentas da Jamaica e Preta” was released in 2011 together with a booklet filled with poetry, photographs and illustrations that accompanied the songs.

In 2013 they released the soundtrack “Plano” for the SESC dance company, performed in São Paulo Fashion Week and also released the EP Live Session Midwest Tour as a result of their second trip in the USA.

In 2015 they released “Garnizé”, an interpretation of the works of the great samba songwriter Ataulfo Alves, which is available in LP via Vinyl Land Records.

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