Flávio Renegado – Minha Tribo é o Mundo


Since his debut in 2008, Flávio Renegado seemed to foresee that his songs would travel the world. Entitled “Do Oiapoque a Nova York” (From Oiapoque to New York), his first album was released independently and took him around the globe, including Cuba, France, UK, Spain and Australia, and dozens of cities all over Brazil.

Now Renegado is back with a second album “Minha Tribo é o Mundo” (My tribe is the world), released on LP through a partnership between Vinyl Land Records and Casulo Cultura, with musical production from Plínio Profeta and a more urban vibe, influenced by the multiplicity of contemporary sounds. Not limited by geographic boundaries his music comunicates with african beats, caribbean rythms, north american hip hop textures, eletronic music energy and the “malandragem” from samba.

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